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5 Self Care Ideas For Stressed Out Moms

5 Self Care Ideas For Stressed Out Moms  | Rose Gold Mama

Self-care is self-preservation. It should come naturally and yet to many of us busy moms it doesn’t. What comes naturally is taking care of our kids, holding down our job keeping the house clean and keeping our marriage together. At times it feels like something’s gotta give and we get stressed. Here are five self-care ideas for stressed out moms that do not require a huge chunk of time. These self care ideas will not force you to go out of your way to take care of yourself.  Even better you can practice these self-care tips with your family. 


Meditation is amazing. While it seems counterintuitive to helping you relieve stress because on the surface you might feel like you’re just sitting there, it is actually the ultimate stress reliever. Taking a moment to let your thoughts go and reconnect with your mind and body is immensely stress reducing. It is an amazing form of self-care. If you have never meditated there are several different ways to do it. Here are a few of my favorites..

Watch The Flame Of A Scented Candle 

Light a scented candle. Set an alarm for the amount of time that you have. If you can meditate for 30 seconds great if you have 10 minutes even better. Then sit and watch the flame. Try to let all of your thoughts release from your brain. Whatever comes into your mind just let it go. Don’t stew on anything. Just focus on your breathing and watching the flame.

Meditation Apps 

Use a guided meditation app. There are many apps out there to help you relax and meditate. My favorite is headspace. You can download this app and use it to help guide your meditations.

Use A Mantra. 

Set a timer for 30 seconds to 10 minutes or however long you have to meditate.  Get into a comfortable position and then repeat one of your favorite mantras to yourself for that time while breathing deeply and slowly. A few of my favorite mantras are:

  • love and love out 
  • as above so is below
  •  life is good 
  • I am grateful peace and relaxation are mine
  • I have control over how I feel and choose to feel joy (at peace, bliss, etc)


For many, baking is stress relieving. There’s something wonderful about measuring and pouring and stirring and getting your hands into dough that can’t be beat. It’s also a great activity to do with the kids. Not to mention the wonderful aroma that comes from something baking in your oven and the deep satisfaction of eating something that you created. It’s also an amazing activity to do with the family. A few of my favorite things to bake are cookies and quick breads.. Making bread can take time. When you can find the  time there is something truly amazing about pounding dough that can leave you completely blissed out.

Got To a Flea Market/Farmers Market 

Take a trip to the flea market or the farmers market. Meandering around without any true intention of buying. Look at all of the people around you look at all of the cool things that are being offered. Stop, touch the goods and smell the fruit. Take in the environment. This is a fun thing to do with kids or alone. Getting out into the world and hearing the sounds of a market can help to reduce your stress by removing you from your worries even if for a brief 30 minutes.

Get Barefoot 

Take your shoes off. This one may seem a little crazy but there is something about getting your feet onto the bare earth that is wonderful. Go to the park or the beach or even your own backyard take your shoes off and run around like you did when you were a kid. Or take your shoes off and have a slow walk. Stretch and scrunch your toes as you dig them into the earth or sand and just take a moment to be

Read In Natural Light 

Reading is wonderful. I know it can be hard to find the time to read. So, when you can, make the most of it by reading in natural light. There’s something about reading with the sun lighting your book and warming  your face that makes this activity immensely much more pleasurable. When you can use natural light to light your reading material you’ll find the entire experience much more enjoyable. If you can get out to a park great, if you’ve got a chair in your window awesome. Just read. 

Take Action

You’ve just read five self-care ideas for stressed out moms. If any of these seem like they could work for you make a plan right now, in this moment to act on one of them. Do you need to clear your schedule or is there a time today that you can do one of these activities? Could you plan one of them for the weekend? Figure out when you’ll try one of these ideas and get to it. Self-care is self-preservation. Self-care is also self-love. You mama, deserve to be loved.

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