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Give Yourself Permission To Fall In Love With Yourself

We can be our worst critics and enemies. When no one is around, we can truly be our worst abusers. It’s not right. We need to work on treating ourselves well and loving ourselves more. This teaches our kids how to love themselves and attracts healthy relationships into our lives, which are two key components of having more great days. Yet, just like a marriage, building a loving relationship with yourself takes work. Here are a few tips on how to give yourself permission to fall in love with yourself.  

Give Yourself Permission To Spend Time With Yourself

Seriously. Spend some time with just you. Take yourself out or spend some time alone at home. I know alone time is hard to find, but spend some time alone with yourself on your commute. Maybe rather than distracting yourself with music or a book, take some time to sit. Sit and be alone with yourself on the train or sit and be with yourself in the car. Intentionally and actively spending time with yourself is essential in falling in love with yourself. 

Give Yourself Permission To Forgive Yourself 

I have written a lot of articles on this topic. Why? Because I know it’s hard to forgive yourself, but you have to forgive yourself. Give yourself grace. Be patient with yourself because that’s part of how you show love to others with patience. So give yourself that same grace you offer others that you love. 

Give Yourself Permission To Treat Your Body Right

You only get one body, treat it right. Eat well, sleep, move with intention/exercise. Listen to your body. Don’t push it too hard but challenge it. When you need a break, take a break and make sure that you are fueling yourself with healthy food. 

Give Yourself Permission To Say No To Yourself

I know you’re surprised to read this one, but it’s true. Sometimes you have to say no. Say no to the distractions and to what you know isn’t going to lead you to a life you love. Say no to indulgences. When all you want to do is lay around, tell yourself no, and force yourself to get up and work on those things or participate in those activities and the lives of people that will progress you forward. 

Give Yourself Permission To Say Yes To Yourself 

When it comes to the things that you want-say yes to yourself. For instance, if you think to yourself, “I want that promotion, or I want to do this activity with my kids, or I want us to go on this trip.” Say yes to yourself. Just say yes and then figure out how to make it work. Allow yourself to want these things and then give yourself permission to have them.

Give Yourself Permission To Try Things That Scare You  

Try things that make you think, “I don’t know if I can do this!” and make your heart beat fast and maybe make you sweat a little. Trying new things and scary things will help you to fall deeper in love with yourself. 

You’ll learn so much more about yourself by doing new things and things that scare you. You’ll learn about yourself along the way, which will help you love yourself more. 

Give Yourself Permission To Be Vulnerable 

I know that this is tough, but be vulnerable with yourself and open to the feelings that you have. Don’t squish them all down inside. Feel them. Don’t sweep it all under the rug. If you sweep all of your feelings under the rug, maybe you aren’t able to see your feelings, but then you’re stuck walking around on a bumpy rug. It’s not comfortable. If you have a big bumpy rug in your living room, your living room isn’t a place of comfort—the same with your emotions. If you’re not open about how you feel and don’t accept your emotions and work through them, you’re going to be living with a space in your body that is uncomfortable. I invite you to be vulnerable with yourself, owning, and accepting your emotions.

Give Yourself Permission To Ask For What You Want 

Asking for what you want is very important. No one else knows what you want. Sure. The people closest to you can guess. But at the end of the day, if you’re not telling people, sharing with them what it is you want, advocating for yourself, then you will never get what you want. It’s empowering. It’s so empowering to ask for what you want. In doing that and challenging yourself to vocalize these things that you want and to ask for them, you’re going to build your confidence and fall in love with who you are. The strong, amazing, powerful woman that you are. 

Give Yourself Permission To Accept Help 

Yes, get help. Accept help, and when people offer to support you, let them. If you need help, if one of the things you want and need is help, ask for help. Everybody receives help. No one does it alone, despite what you see on Instagram. Even Beyonce, Queen B, has a whole squad to help her. She could never put her shows together by herself. So, mama, it’s okay to ask for help. In doing this, you’re going to empower yourself, free your mind, free your space, and release the stress so that you can love yourself a little more. 

Give Yourself Permission To Give Yourself Credit When It’s Due 

You work hard. You deserve to be recognized—pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a little treat here and there. Give yourself credit when it’s due. You’re going to high-five and give positive reinforcement to your kids to get them to do what you want. It would be best if you did the same thing for yourself. You will fall in love with who you are by recognizing and owning the fantastic things that you do each day. You’re going to start to see yourself as the amazing woman that you are. 

Take Action

You’re amazing, mama. So I’m sure it will be easy to fall deeper in love with yourself once you start actioning these tips. That’s the essential part-to action them. I encourage you to pick one and start implementing it today. Then pick another one to implement tomorrow. Eventually, work through all of the tips that feel best to you. Then go back and try them again. Remember, with intentional daily actions, you can start living your best days now and forever. 

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