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How to Actually Fake It Until You Make It

Even the best leaders still feel self-doubt. I also feel like an impostor sometimes, and that’s when I fake it ‘til I make it.

Hear me out, I know you’ve heard it before. Just show up and fake it – it sounds like bad advice. How do you beat impostor syndrome by faking? But for me, this does not mean pretending to be something I’m not.

Faking it until I make it is showing up and knowing I can learn and grow.

Do not fake it just to make it

It’s about believing in my ability to figure things out. It’s about believing in my ability to innovate and communicate.

It’s knowing that I don’t have to know everything to be great and to be a confident mom.

So when I show up in a room full of experts and I start doubting my place there, I look around and remind myself, “I am here and I’m going to show up. I am here to learn, to ask good questions, to communicate, and to figure it out.”

Believe in yourself and your ability to learn.

You didn’t have things all figured out too when you were an overwhelmed new working mom. But you’re here.

You learned every step of the way and you’re still learning. That’s how to fake it that actually makes a difference.

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