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Career Advice: Say Thank You, Not Sorry

Stop saying sorry and start saying thank you. Learn to replace remorse with gratitude and love your life more

There is a meme out on the inter-webs saying: Replace saying “sorry” with saying “thank you”. At first it’s like, “What?” Then it’s like “Oh?” When you stop saying sorry and start saying thank you, you are replacing remorse with gratitude. This not only improves your head space but also garners more respect and elicits feelings of gratitude instead of self-degradation. If you say “thank you” and not “sorry” you are replacing the negative with the positive. We can all use more positive in our lives, right?!? So read on for how to stop apologizing. This isn’t just career advice for women, it’s life advice.

This is a bit of a weird concept to get your head around so there are a few examples of how to do this in various situations posted below to help get you going. Like most mind-set changes (and old habits) it will take practice. And like exercise, it’ll be difficult at first but help you feel better once you get into the swing of things.

So, if you are ready to STOP apologizing for other’s faults and things you shouldn’t and to instead START being grateful when folks accommodate you, read on.

Here’s are a few examples of how to stop saying “sorry” and start saying “thank you”:

At The Work (CAreer Advice)

If a meeting is running over, instead of saying “Sorry,I have to leave now”. Say, “Thanks for understanding I need to leave as others are waiting”

Out and ABout (Life Advice)

If the subway car is full, instead of saying “Sorry” as you make your way in. Instead say “Thank you for making space”

Everywhere (More Life AdVice)

When running late, instead of saying “sorry, I was late” say “thanks for waiting for me”.

At Home (EVen More Life advice for women)

If dinner is running late. Instead of saying “Sorry, dinner is going to be late” . Say, “Thanks for waiting for dinner and could you rock Baby Boy for a moment so I can finish up”. Bonus points on asking for help.

These are small things, just a different way to use words but they really make a difference in your mental game. Stop apologizing and showing remorse and instead say thank you and show gratitude.

Do you find yourself apologizing for things you shouldn’t? Have you tried replacing “sorry” with “thank you”? How did it go? Comment below or share this with a friend who should stop saying sorry.

Now, that you’re done wasting energy on apologies, check out this article on how to make the most of your time.

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