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3 Time Management Skills for Working Moms

3 Time Management Skills for Working Moms

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3 Time Management Skills for Working Moms | Rose Gold Mama

Time management is paramount for working moms.  It is life. It is everything. There are too many demands to not to have great time management skills. Between work, kids, having a social life, making time for fun, working on passion projects, pursuing hobbies, marriage, personal fun and little bit of joy time it’s paramount that working moms have great time management skills. . There is simply not enough space to waste time.  Here are three simple yet powerful, life changing time management tips to help working moms manage time better, and make the most of life.


It is normal to hear individuals say things like “give yourself 30 minutes to do a task.” Do not do this, because even if it’s going to take 15 minutes, when 30 minutes are given,the task will take 30 minutes.

As an alternative, focus on the results. What are the things that need to be completed this week? What are the things that need to be completed today? Focus on getting them done.

The key is to mastering this time management skill is put those things that need to be completed in the order of importance. Then go through the list, getting  done the most important things first as quickly as you possibly can.

New mothers upon returning to work, often not only become more efficient, but more productive. It may seem counterintuitive but having a new baby can actually improve your time management skills.  The driving force behind this is, you have a very serious real reason to get out of the office by 5 o’clock. Your baby is waiting.  

This big why, the baby waiting for you, helps some working moms to focus on completing what must be done by clock-out time so they can leave, go home, be present and enjoy the kids. Focus on getting tasks done. Focus on the results, not the time. 


For a long time, society viewed multitasking as the best time management skill  As it turns out, multitasking is a lie! Multitasking is a trap! Don’t do it! Focus do one thing at a time. Doing more than one thing at a time allows for more tasks to be done over time, than trying to do 15 things all at once. Do not multitask it is a trap. Pick one thing, do it, get it done. After that, move on to the next thing. This is the truth, this is what’s real. Stopping multitasking will improve your time management skills. 


Routines naturally allow process to become more effective. So, if you can stick to a routine your time management skills will improve. Take all of the tasks you do each day and put them into a routine. Follow that routine every single day.   This will make each task more efficient and help you find more hours in the day.


Automate as much as possible. Automating means, set things up so that you don’t have to think about them. Automation isn’t just for electronics or technology. It’s for any process that your brain or body go through.

Automate your work wardrobe by picking 3 or 4 outfits  that are worn every single week. No one is going to notice.

You can also automate ome kitchen task. Chope everything at once so it’s ready for you to cook with. Store the trash bags at the bottom of the trash can. Put the dry goods you use most on the easiest to reach shelf. . Automate as many things as possible.

Re-Cap 3 Time Management Skills for Working Moms

Time management is so important in a working moms life. . If working moms  are not being efficient with time, than time is being wasted. Wasted time, is time is not being spent with the kids oron your passion projects or on your marriage. .   The more time you waste, the less time you have for fun and relaxing. So, get efficient and use time wisely. Here’s 3 ways to do it, including a bonus tip.

Time Management Tips for Working Moms

1. Focus on your results

2. Stop multitasking

3. Stick to a routine

 Bonus: Automate things wherever you can

If you want even more tools to help you with goal setting, time management, or self-care, please be sure to subscribe to my FREE Resource Library, the Rose Gold Mine, to find worksheets and workbooks to help you live a life that you love. Everything there is designed to help working Mamas, from this working Mama!

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