To-Do List Idea: Use the Two Minute Rule

To-Do List Idea: Use the Two Minute Rule

To-Do List Idea: Use the Two Minute Rule| | Rose Gold Mama

Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? If you find yourself procrastinating or, if you feel like your list is too long, this to-do list idea will help. If you feel like you are letting yourself down, or that your list leaves you feeling more upset than accomplished, the two-minute rule can help.

The act of applying the Two Minute Rule is to simply do anything that takes two minutes or less, in the moment it comes up. Simply,complete the task right away and then do not put it on the list. Just get it done.

Household Ideas

Dishes- If there are just a few dishes in the sink, wash them,

Laundry- If you have a few pieces of clothing lying around, put them away.

Toilet- Give it a quick brushing after you use it

Office Ideas

Email- If you need to seed a quick email to check in with someone, just send it.

Appointments- Make the appointment the moment you realize that it must be done if it is a quick one two minutes or less.

Take Action on This Idea

During the next week note the things in your life that take two minutes or less and get them done. This helps to reduce your to do list and reduce your stress. Women who apply the Two Minute Rule begin to feel more accomplished and successful.  Getting the small things out of the way immediately, leaves more space for the big things.

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