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The Best Tip for How to Set Goals

This is the best tip for how to set goals. It is the golden rule of goal setting. Write it down. Read on for how to write your goals and and get the free goal setting worksheet below.

The #1 tip for how to set goals | Rose Gold Mama

Goal Setting can be hard.

Sometimes the goals you set can be unrealistic. Other times, you don’t know where to focus or you underestimate how long it will take to complete. That is why there are thousands upon thousands of different systems to help you set goals and even more goal setting worksheets. All of the systems out there promise to help you figure these things out. There are so many of them and knowing which one is right for you can be difficult. While you’re thinking and planning and trying to figure out which system which goalsetting system is best for you can immediately apply this golden rule of goalsetting. That rule is: write it down.

One Common Theme for Goalsetting Worksheets

It can seem obvious that you should write down your goals. Yet, often times there is something that we want and we have not yet written it down. This is a huge mistake. If you don’t write it down you are much less likely to achieve it. So write down your goals. 

How To Set Goals By Writing Right

The key to writing your goals is to make sure that you have written them in an affirmative way with an outcome that puts a little love into your words. What this means is that you write down the goal as if you’ve already achieved it and use words that will excite you. Say for example you want to lose 10 pounds. Write down your goal like you’ve already achieved it with some love. For example, “I am 10 pounds lighter and fitting into my old jeans.” Or even, “I am 10 pounds lighter and looking bad ass in my new jeans.”

When writing your goals you want to be sure that you know why you’re doing them. That reason should be in any goal you write. This is how to write goals that keep you motivated. In this example you want to lose 10 pounds and look amazing in your clothes. More importantly you want to lose 10 pounds and feel great in your cloths. That is your real motivation.

Another version of wanting to lose 10lbs could be health motivated and look like this, I am 10 pounds lighter and being super active with my kids. Or even,  I am 10 pounds lighter and the most fun mom ever because I can play all day. 

Fall In Love With The Outcome  

When you write your goal, the outcome should be something you fall in love with. You should look at it and want to make out with it. Seriously, you should look at that outcome and get butterflies in your stomach. If you don’t feel elated and excited about reaching that outcome, try making your goal bigger or more specific. Your goals should move you. They should be the “what-if” that you dream about.

Create A Visual For Your Goal

Now, knowing your outcome, create an image to help visualize it. So, using the example above, if you are looking to lose 10 pounds and feel great in your clothes maybe the visual is a pair of jeans or a party dress.  It could also be an picture of your playing with your kids. Stick figures are fine. Keep it simple and something that you can draw.  If you’re not a great artist, don’t worry a wonderful picture is not the point and no one else has to see it. This step may seem bizarre but you’ll see how it helps in a moment.

Write Your Goal and Write Often

If there something that you want in life write it down. Think about the outcome that you want. Think about why it is you’re trying to achieve it and how you’ll feel once you do. Then, write that goal down. Write it every morning and before you go to bed.  Each time, feel what it will feel like when you achieve it.

Doodle Your Goal

How to write goals isn’t just about using words. Now the image comes in. Maybe you were one of those girls or at the very least have seen in the movies where some love struck girl doodles the name of their crush over and over again because they’re so in love. This is what you need to do with your goal. Doodle it over and over again.  Take a moment to bring yourself to the place of what it will feel like and how you will be and how your life will change and what that will mean to you and your family once you’ve achieved this goal. Then, make a doodle of the image. Associate those feelings with that image.  Now, doodle it again and again.

Recap: The Best Tip For How to Set Goals

Write your goals at least once a day and doodle it as often as possible. As you put pen to paper and write or doodle your goal, really feel what it will be like when you’re there.  Feel what it will be like when you’ve lost the 10 pounds.  Feel what it will be like when you are out of debt. Feel when it will be like and how your life will change when you achieve the goal.

Writing your goal every day will help you to keep it top of mind. Doodling your goal will help to lock it into your subconscious. Doing both of these things will help you to, start to realize opportunities that you have to bring yourself closer to your goal. Every system on how to set goals and every goal worksheet recommend writing your goal down. Do it.

Take action now

 You now know how to write goals. You might still be looking for a goal setting system. Don’t let that stop you from taking action today. As you are trying to figure out what is best for you, get started today by just writing your goal down. You can do that in this moment. Everything that is in this article can happen right in this very moment. If you don’t have a pen and paper in front of you then go ahead and open up a notepad on your smart phone. Write down your goal. Think about how you will feel once it’s accomplished. Imagine what doodle you can create to represent your goal. You can do all that now.

You can also download the free printable golden rule of goal setting worksheet below to have a space to write your goal and practice your first doodle. And, if you’re up for it, email me, [email protected] with what doodle you chose.

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