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2 Things You Need to Change to Accelerate Your Goals

Do you feel stuck in your career or feel stuck with your life goals? 

Maybe you are taking all the right steps to achieve what it is that you want, but it just feels like it’s taking forever.

Let’s talk about how you can level up and how you can move forward with just two things, because without these things, your goals are going to be a lot more difficult to achieve. 

If you work on these two things, achieving your goals will come a lot faster. 

The truth is I’m also working on this. There is a lot that I want out of this life, and I recently felt like I was not accelerating quickly enough with my goals. There were times in my life when I would breeze through my career goals, my personal goals, my health goals, and my relationship goals. But those times seemed so distant. 

Since I became a mom, it’s taken a lot longer for me to reach my goals. Yes, some of those goals are bigger than they’ve ever been and yes, I have two little kids now and it’s easy to blame motherhood for the slower progress.

Still, I felt like the rate of acceleration should be faster, so I took a moment to think about what was happening back in my life when I was moving so quickly toward my goals versus what’s going on now.

After doing some real deep soul-searching and thinking hard, it’s not so much my kids that are holding me back from achieving my goals (being an awesome mother is one of my goals too). 

What I realized is that there are two really different things going on for me: my community and my environment.

The people that we spend our time with have a deep impact on our ability to activate and accelerate towards our goals.


This is the people that we spend the majority of our time with. And when I look back to when things were moving really quickly with me, my community was different.

Back then, my community was full of people who were also trying to level up or had already leveled up, and who were really trying to move forward in life. A lot of them are still with me and a lot of them have leveled up and they’re good with where they are.

But that’s not for me. I want more. 

The people that we spend our time with have a deep impact on our ability to activate and accelerate us toward our goals. So I needed to look at my community and expand it to be with people who are not only at the same level as me but also a level above. Whatever it is that I’m trying to achieve – health, career, relationship – I need to spend time around people who have what it is that I’m after.

That will help me to activate and move more quickly to my goals. Spending time with people who have leveled up or are in the process of leveling up allows you to accelerate your progress.

So, I said to myself, I need to look around and figure out how to expand my network. I asked “How do I meet more people and spend time with more people who are also trying to level up in the areas I’m trying to level up?” 

Explore new connections to find endless opportunities.


The other thing that I have noticed has changed is my environment. 

I spent most of my adult life in New York City. New York City is an amazing place for a lot of different reasons, but I love that wherever you are in that city, the energy always keeps you moving. Yes, it’s relentless, but I like that because it pushes me. It’s kind of the pressure that makes a diamond.

The city itself helps to move you forward. It just can’t be denied if you’ve ever lived there, it’s a place that pushes you to accelerate. Now, I live in the country and I’m not going to move back to New York City because I have two small kids and I don’t want to raise kids there.

But now I live in a place that I think is great for raising kids. My kids can run around outside. I don’t have to worry about anything, not even cars coming close to where they are. Being insular is also great for my introverted self. I come home and it’s quiet and I don’t have to worry about other people and other people’s needs. I can really just kind of recharge in the way that introverts like to do. 

Great, for kids, not so great for pushing me towards my goals. 

I realized when I put myself in an environment where there is pressure to do better and do more, I show up and I do better and I do more, so I need to recreate that somehow. 

That’s something that I’m actively working on. 

I know that when I do these two things, level up my community and consciously choose my environment, I get better. 

So over the next few month I am planning to:

✅​ Change the community around me so that there are also folks who have leveled up or are trying to level up to where I want to go 

✅​ Ensure that the environment around me is putting some pressure on me to help move me forward 

… and I’m going to get to my goals a lot faster. 

Take Action

As you start thinking about your goals, where you want to go, and what you want next for your life, you need to do a check, an audit, and make sure that the community around you and the environment that you’re in lend themselves to helping you get to those goals quickly.

I know you’re going to get your goals no matter what, but you can get there a lot faster with the right community and environment around you. 

So here’s the action I need you to take: Do an audit. 

  1. Take a look at the community around you.

Do you have people around you who have similar goals and who are bringing the same energy to the table? If not, go out and find some. Whether that is online within groups, signing up for a mastermind, getting a coach who will be with you on a weekly basis to help ensure and push you, go out and find a community. 

Start creating that community to help you accelerate toward your goals. 

  1. Do an audit of your environment – the space that you’re in.

Is it helping to provide the right pressure and support to push you forward or is it holding you back? 

Once you know that, start to think about how you can create an environment that will allow you to accelerate and move more quickly to your goals. 

These two things will make a world of difference in how quickly you get to live a life that you love, how quickly you get to be with less stress, having more joy, and achieving your goals.

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