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Number 1 Goal Writing Tip for Busy Moms

Number 1 Goal Writing Tip for Busy Moms | The Savvy Working Mom

Hey mama! I wanted to check in with you to talk about goal writing. Whether it’s January 1st or October 15th, there is one big tip for writing a goal that I wanted to share because what I found is a lot of times people write their goals and feel good about them in the beginning. They have it written on paper, and it feels great. Then a week, two weeks, or a month later, the goal itself is no longer exciting. They still want the outcome, but when they read the goal, they don’t feel a strong sense of emotion that helps to get them through the times when they are lacking motivation. Thus, my number one tip for how to write a goal is to write a goal with feeling.

Write A Goal With Feeling

What does that mean? Let’s think about it. Let’s say your goal is weight loss and you want to lose 10 pounds. All the literature out there tells us to write a goal in a way that’s very specific and time-bound. Therefore, you write, I want to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. When you first write it down you feel good about it. You feel motivated and believe you can lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Next, you begin to hit the gym or online videos. You start eating better and make all of the necessary changes to achieve your weight loss goal.

A week or two later, you start to feel disconnected from your goal. It’s just not as exciting as it was in the beginning. What’s missing from your goal? What is missing is the passion behind the goal; what’s missing is the feeling. So you need to think about why you want to lose 10 pounds and add that reasoning to your goal. You might want to lose 10 pounds because you have a reunion coming, or you might want to lose 10 pounds because you feel like it’s going to help your relationship. This will lead you to feel sexier around your partner. Or you might want to lose 10 pounds because you have health concerns and you want to be the strongest, most awesome mama for your kids. This reasoning will help to add feeling to your goal. For example, “I want to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks so that I can be an awesome mom to my kids.” That’s a much stronger goal. When you repeat that to yourself, you’re going to feel it.

Visualize Your Goal

Now utilizing our new goal, “I want to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks so that I can be the most awesome mama for my kids”. We need to visualize what that looks like. Take a moment. Every time you say the goal envision what it looks like to be an awesome mom for your kids. Is it being able to go out in the backyard and run around and play with them? Or are they a little older and it’s having the ability to help them improve their basketball skills? Whatever it looks like for you, visualize it and imagine what it’ll feel like when you are that strong, awesome mama. Every time you recite your goal to yourself, say the full phrase and also visualize it.

Draw Out Your Goal

Then the big bonus tip I have for you, and this is a little out there, but trust me – it helps to draw out your goal. Doodle it, draw it out. As you think about your goal, you visualize what the outcome will be. If it’s being a strong, awesome mama, then you picture yourself as a strong, awesome mama and then you think, what’s an image that could represent that?

It could be playing tag outside or it could be you at the basketball court. Pick something that helps to bring back those feelings of passion that you had when you first visualized the outcome. Then create an image in your mind and then draw it. This will start to impact your subconscious and help to move you forward towards your goal.

Take Action

That is the formula on how to improve your goals to help you stay motivated. No matter what philosophy you follow when it comes to goal writing, you can add this. It’s about incorporating the feeling, and I’ve found a lot of goal writing tends to miss out on that feeling part, which is the part that gets us through the really tough times. So take a moment right now to add feeling to your goals. This formula will help you be successful and will help keep you engaged and get through the tough times.

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