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Evening Routine Ideas for Self-Care

Here are some easy self-care tips to enhance your evening routine. Download the FREE printable self-care checklist and bonus self-care ideas too.

The days are long and the nights are short. Well, the time you have to yourself at night is short. After the kids have gone to bed there is a ton to do and little time to do it in before passing out. Working self-care into your evening routine can feel complicated. These evening routine ideas can help, they include self-care tips and a few easy activities you can do to help you wind-down and relax. If you need more self-care ideas download the self-care checklist below.

Evening Routine Ideas

Here are some self-care tips that can augment the evening routine ideas you already have.

Self-Care Tips to Relax

At the end of the day you need to wind down. Sometimes, that’s hard, having an evening routine helps. Just like having a night time routine can help your kids get to sleep faster and sleep better, it can also help you. Choose a set of 3 – 4 activities you perform each night before going to bed.  A couple self-care examples to work into your evening routine are:

Take a warm bath. At this point it can sound cliché but a warm bath does help your body to relax. So, fill up the tub, throw in some Epsom salt, sprinkle some essential oils in the water and soak your stress away.

Have a warm cup of tea. Noticing a trend here? It’s get warm and cozy.  Have a cup of Sleepy Time or chamomile tea before bed. As you sip the tea, take a moment to reflect on the good in your life or think about a something that makes you happy like you favorite vacation destination, your baby laughing, your dog being silly or your husband doing the chores.

Self-Care Tips to Relieve Stress

A big reason evening routines are popular is they help to reduce stress. Here are a few self-care examples that are also great evening routine ideas to help relieve the stress of the day. If you want even more ideas, download the self-care checklist below. It comes with a bonus self-care ideas worksheet.

Light a scented candle. An hour or two before you go to bed, light a lavender scented candle to help you relax. The comforting smell will subconsciously help you to relax. If you don’t like candles you could also use an oil diffuser.

Do some deep breathing and stretching.  Set a timer for 5 minutes and breathe in and out, slowly. As you take these deep breathes stretch your body. It doesn’t matter how, just stretch. You can even do this one in bed.  If you want a few great and relaxing stretches try the yoga poses of downward dog, happy baby and pigeon.

Self-Care Tips to be productive

Another reason evening routines are popular is that they can help you to have a more productive morning. Here are a few self-care tips you can work into your evening routine to help set you up for the next day.

Make a to-do list. At the end of the day it’s so easy to start thinking about everything that needs to be done the next day. This can make it hard to relax. It’s great to be planning for the next day but not if it keeps you from the sleep you need to be at your best. So, write those thoughts down.  Take moment each evening to write down all the things you need to do the next day. Keep a pen and pad by your bed so as more thoughts about what you need to do creep into your evening, you can easily record them. Getting these thoughts out of your head and onto to paper help to preserve them, so you can work on them the next day. This also helps you to relax, knowing you won’t forget.

Prep for the next day. Each evening, take a moment set out the things you’ll need the next morning. Set the coffee machine. Lay out your workout clothes. Pull out your work outfit. Set the kids’ clothes out. The more you do in the evening the less you have to worry about in the rushed morning hours.

One last self-care tip to add to your evening routine is to turn off your phone. Turn your phone off, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Give yourself sometime to be present, with your family and with yourself.

Update Your Evening Routine

Now you have some evening routine ideas that will help you better care for yourself too. Whether you want to relax, relive stress, be more productive or all three. The key here is to take action. Work one of these self-care tips into your evening, tonight. If you want even more self-care ideas, download the self-care checklist below.  

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