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6 Tips On How To Stop Feeling Like A Victim

6 Tips On How To Stop Feeling Like A Victim

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6 Tips On How To Stop Feeling Like A Victim | The Savvy Working Mom

Do you often feel like a victim? It’s a tough place to be. Here are a few ideas to help you stop feeling like a victim and get on with loving yourself and your life.

Don’t Blame Others

When you blame others, you’re actually giving that person power. You’re focusing on what they did, what their issue is, what their problem is, and then blaming them. You give your power and ability to change the situation away. Instead of blaming them, focus on yourself.

Focus On What You Can Control

There are so many things going on in the world that you can’t control, that’s a part of life that we must accept. Granted, it’s a crappy part of life. You can’t control it all, but there are things that you can control that you should focus on.

You can control your actions and your reactions. How you react to a situation emotionally and physically are essential and within our control. So focus on those two aspects. Focus on what you can control. Let the situations that you can’t control fall to the wayside.

Give Yourself The Gifts Of Grace And Compassion

Spoiler Alert: None of us are perfect. Most of us go through tough times on a fairly regular basis, and tough times are tough by definition. So give yourself a little grace and compassion to get through them. Don’t hold yourself to an unrealistic standard. Don’t get down on yourself for things not going how you planned. Instead, focus on giving yourself those gifts of grace, working through it with a level of understanding and compassion.

Own Your Power By Choosing Kindness

It is up to you how you react to things, and it’s up to you how you show up in the world. You have the power to be kind even to those who have betrayed you. If you can show kindness even to those that have betrayed you, it is going to help to pull you through this time of feeling like a victim. So, mama, own your power to be kind. Be intentional and practice being kind.

Forgive And Move On

Offer forgiveness to those people who have hurt you.This can be a challenging one, but forgive and move on. Get on with your life, move through it, and then get to the other side ad best you can. Holding on to unforgiveness can poison the soul. And if you hurt yourself, forgive yourself. Offer yourself forgiveness then move on. Free yourself with forgiveness.

Build Confidence By Trying Challenging Things

The last tip I have for you may seem a bit bizarre, but it’s important. My final tip is to try new and challenging activities in order to build your confidence. If there’s a new skill that you want to learn or if there’s a new opportunity that you’re intimidated by, I suggest you go out there and do it. Push yourself to face these challenges. The challenges you take on are going to help build your confidence. Then that confidence is going to help pull you through the place of feeling like a victim to the other side.

Take Action

All right, mama, now choose one of the above tips and get started today. You can write down a list of items that are in your control and write down a list of what is out of your control. Carry the lists around with you as reminders and focus your energy on the items that are on the list of what you can control and start living a life that you love.

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