How to Find More Joy at Work

How to Find More Joy at Work

I’m going to make a bold statement… that I know something you want out of work and I’m not talking about a paycheck. Whether you love what you do or are just collecting paychecks, I bet you would like to be fulfilled and even find joy at work.  

Take a moment to acknowledge this. 

Listen, I’ve been in a place where I was just showing up and going through the motions. I had really enjoyed the job to start but something changed. I had delivered on some really big and exciting projects and then I just got bored. I wanted to get ahead but I felt stuck. Ultimately, I left that company but the days between knowing I wanted to leave and leaving were mind-numbing. 

I don’t like being in that place so I tried to figure out a way to make it more enjoyable. Here is what I found:

First, I got clear on why I was feeling that way.

And it didn’t come down to not getting promoted or getting more money. It came down to me not feeling fulfilled and that zapped my joy.  

Knowing that what I needed was more fulfillment while I planned my exit (because hey, I did want a promotion and didn’t see a path forward), I figured out a way to get more fulfillment.

Then, I thought about what fulfilled me and how I could get that at work. 

  • I love coaching women… There are women around who want guidance and mentorship. I jumped at the chance to help them. 
  • I love strategic thinking… so I started to strike up conversations with others who were working on big projects and offered to be a sounding board to think through things with 
  • I like to have fun… so I started telling a few more jokes and being a little sillier.

These things fulfilled me and made each day better. Now that I know there are things outside of the actual work I do that can fulfill me, I DO them. I love my job right now and I still take time at work to do the things that fulfill me in the office. I think it’s part of why I enjoy going to work so much.

Figure out what makes you feel fulfilled at work.

Take Action

So… I want you to take some action now.

Write down three things that can fulfill you at work, outside of your day-to-day tasks, and then map out a plan to do more of those things.

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