More Time and Less Guilt By Monday

This short video course will help you thrive as a working mom

How would you like next week to be different?

How would you like to have More Time and Less Guilt by Monday?

I know you already have what it takes to create a less stressful life, but sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction. In my free video course—More Time and Less Guilt by Next Monday—I give you exactly that.

We start by learning why, and more importantly, how to get clear on what you want in life. Next, you’ll use this newfound clarity to determine what to keep or cut from your life, and also learn new ways to say no. Finally, I’ll share a couple of effective strategies for having better days that are productive in the right way.

Your life can literally begin to shift overnight… click below to get started!

Spend Your Time on the Things That Matter Most

I get it: you’re a working mom with a lot going on, and you don’t have time for one more thing that doesn’t produce results. If you take a class, you want it to be streamlined and effective. If you join a challenge, it has to yield major benefits.

Despite your no-nonsense, high-achieving approach to life, you’re still feeling discontent, unsure about the direction you’re going, and a little burnt out. You’re not quite ready to go all in on a one-on-one coaching package, but you know you need something to act as a catalyst for change.

I have good news: these courses were created specifically for you. They’ll get you started on the next chapter of your personal development, and open the door for better days.