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In 10 minutes a day you can learn to be more present, feel more connected, get energized and be less stressed. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if, you woke up, thrilled about the day ahead of you, everyday?

I’m a working mom and I know what it’s like to carry a heavy mental load. I understand dealing with the fear that you might be messing up as a mom. I get the pressure to prove you are dedicated to being a mom and having a career. I know the exhaustion that comes with working through that day in and day out. It can be soul sucking. 

I also know how to work through those pains and wake up every day joyful and excited about what’s to come. I know the tricks and tools to learn to be present and to manage my time wisely. I know how to thrive in life.

I once lived in a burnt out state. First overwhelmed and completely stressed out, then just going through the motions. Now, I live great days full of joy. I am present with my family and killing it at the office. I want to help you do the same. 

what would it be like to no longer be stressed out?

I can tell you it would be amazing. You would be more present, less irritable and happy. You would be a better mom, a better wife and even better at your job. 

Maybe you know the feeling ...

You're Distracted

It's feels impossible to be present. This course will help you to focus on what matters most.

you've lost yourself

You don't know how you are anymore? You can't pinpoint what you like or love to do. You are unsure of who you can to be.
This course will help you reconnect with the amazing woman you are.

you are drowning in responsibility

You have 1,000 responsibilities and a bazillion people depending on you.
This course will help relieve the stress associated with the demands of your busy life.

Follow this course and your
life will get better Be less Stressed more connected and present

As a working mom, you are raising the future generation, holding down a household, sustaining a marriage and delivering at the office.  That’s a lot. It can be overwhelming. It can be so stressful that the joy from every part of your life is zapped away. It can leave you exhausted. So exhausted, that you feel like you kinda suck at everything. This course will help you banish that stress, get your energy back, be more present and multiply your joy. 

The truth is that the 4 biggest mistakes working moms make are...

Focusing on the wrong thing

Wasting time chasing solutions that will never help you find more time in your day or relax only causes more stress. The course is digs deep and focus on areas proven to help reduce stress and increase joy. 

trying to do too much

Trying to conquer too much as once, will leave with a long list of unaccomplished tasks. This course takes 10 minutes a day and drills into the right areas to help working moms thrive. 

going it alone

Trying to figure it out on your own, wastes time and can be counter productive. The steps in the course are proven to help working moms relax and be more joyful. 

ignoring their own needs

Making time for yourself is hard but if you don’t, you will burnout. This course is optimized to only take 10 minutes a day. Even the busiest mom can find 10 minutes. 

Introducing 10 minutes to better days!

10 minutes to better days video course cover rose gold mama

In 10 minutes a day you can learn to be more present, feel more connected, get energized and be less stressed. 

Take a look inside

Day 1

Reconnect with you who you are. Understand your needs and desires so that you can spend your time wisely. 

Day 2

Practice self-love and learn big and small ways to reward yourself. 

Day 3

Learn to create a relax zone in your home. 

DAy 4

Develop a breathing technique to reduce stress. 

Day 5

Discover the power of gratitude, Make your life and someone else’s better. 


Get the 12 page workbook and better days tool kit for free. 

Imagine a world where...

You only have great days filled with joy and satisfaction. This course will set you on that path. 

Who doesn't love a bonus?

BONUS #1 The 12 page better days work book

A workbook designed to lead you on this journey and ensure you reap all of the benefits. 

Value of $25

10 Minutes To Better Mornings Workbook

BONUS #2 the better days tool kit

A collection of printable tools to help you through this journey. 

Value of $12

Self Care Bundle Rose Gold Mama

BONUS #3 self care Bundle

A self-care calendar and tracker to help you better manage and plan how you take care of you. 

Value of $15

What others are saying...

Working moms so need this. Thank you for putting it out there.
I just want to thank you so much. I am so glad I found rose gold mama and have been sharing it with my sister and working mom friends. Keep up the amazing work!
Thank you for doing this...this put everything into perspective.

Hello there! I'm Whitnee

I’m a professional speaker, author, corporate executive and mama to Hendrix  as well as the founder of Rose Gold Mama, an on-line refuge from burnout. I love strategy, time management, cocktails and helping other working moms learn to thrive in life.  

Whitnee Hawthorne | Rose Gold Mama

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really only take 10 minutes ?

Yes! As a working mama myself I wouldn’t as for more. 

Can this really help me?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, irritable or frustrated AND you are willing to dedicate 10 minutes a day, yes. 

How long will I have access to the course?

I know life happens and it’s possible you can’t finish in exactly 5 days. That’s OK. You get life-time access with your purchase. 

don't waste another day feeling stressed or burnt out.

Start this video course today so you can get more connected, be less stressed, and more present right away. 

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